Human Papillomavirus

for Healthcare Providers

Utah Cancer Control Program Recommendation

Recommend HPV vaccination in the same way and on the same day as all adolescent vaccines. You can say, “Now that your son or daughter is 11, they are due for vaccinations today to help protect them from meningitis, HPV cancers, and pertussis.” Remind parents of the follow-up shots their child will need and ask them to make appointments before they leave.

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HPV Vaccination Recommendations

Age Dose
9-14 years males/females 2 doses at 6-12 months apart
15-26 years females
15-21 years males*
3 doses over 6 months
21-26 years males/females Catch up on any missed vaccinations
27-45 years males/females who have not been vaccinated Talk to your doctor about whether you would benefit from having the HPV vaccination

*Males ages 21-26 can be vaccinated if higher risk or recommended by primary care provider

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2020 HPV Vaccination Rates, Age 13-17, Utah and US

HPV chart


Answers to questions you might have about HPV.

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HPV Provider/Clinic trainings

The Utah Department of Health Immunization Program offers a 30 minute HPV in-office training for providers and medical staff. To schedule a training or for more information, please call


Shannon England-Rice
HPV Communications Campaign

Kayla Rypien
HPV Outreach & Education


Continued professional development of healthcare professionals is crucial to reduce the incidence of cancer and cancer mortality in Utah.

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Recruitment toolkit

Getting Utah women screened for breast and cervical cancer is the primary goal of the UCCP's Breast and Cervical program.

Here you can access resources from the recruitment toolkit and media campaigns to use in your community.

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Dental Toolkit

Dental Providers are an important resource to prevent oral cancer. Included are resources for dental professionals to talk to their patients about the HPV vaccination.

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